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homeless beachuts 

community infrastructure

Current segregation and separation within communities requires the need for inclusive environments, iterated through inclusive design. Inclusive Design is the design of an environment that can be accessed and used by all people, regardless of age, gender, social class and disability, creating a socially sustainable environment. Throughout the years it is apparent that the design of social space has been motivated by a series of rules, regulations and theories.


The homeless shelters are a response to these theories and rules and aim to provide a place of security for those sleeping rough. The beach hut shelter uses the familiar, and accepted, forms of the beach hut. Constructed using prefabricated timber A-frames and beautifully illuminated polycarbonate panels. These shelters can be collated as entire communities or small manageable clusters. Constructed for minimal cost and are easily erected, relocated and maintained.  Using a self-policing system, the shelters can be used to create a sense of worth and ownership. They can also be used as part of a reintegration process.

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