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JFD team up with Ecologi

JFD have teamed up with Ecologi in a bid to offset our carbon emissions and lessen our carbon footprint. We have pledged to plant 25 trees every month and will be adding additional trees with every planning approval granted!

By creating our very own forest, our climate positive workforce will offset and reduce our carbon impact on our environment. This will work alongside our ambition to create more environmentally conscious buildings which will include sustainable materials and renewable energy sources!

JFD are dedicated to helping the current climate crisis and we will continue to set new goals to further reduce our impact. It started from a switch to becoming a paperless studio which has now grown to see us become a member of AECB (The Association of Environmentally Conscious Buildings), office sharing and growing our own forest with more ambitions on the horizon.

To donate some trees to our forrest please visit the below link!

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