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JFD reduce their carbon footprint further!

JFD are always pushing to provide designs and concepts that focus on sustainability and efficiency. We have a beautiful environment and we all need to all do our bit to protect it. Our environmental concern doesn't just stop at our designs. In 2020, JFD became a paperless office, meaning we don't spend excess time printing and wasting paper. All our sketches and mark ups are now undertaken on the computer and tablets.

To continue to lessen the impact our carbon footprint has on the environment, we have taken the exciting step to share a local office space with other like minded architects and designers. The office share not only means we have less travel distance and are able to car share if required, but it also means as a group, all of our carbon footprints have reduced. Plus we now have the added luxury of being able to share design ideas and discuss design solutions between companies, increasing our design skills and creativity. This is something we know our competitors cannot offer!

Our aim to become more environmentally friendly started with our switch from desktop computers to laptops, which are 80% more energy efficient! We will continue to purse a carbon neutral office with more exciting ideas!

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